E-mail distribution and CRM ― the softer way

"Can Tricorn's e-mail distribution and CRM do that, too?"
"Can I ask them to do that, too?"

People often see e-mail distribution and CRM as difficult, a lot of bother.
At Tricorn, we aim to provide tools that make those tasks easier, tools that anyone can use.
That's what we mean by "the softer way".

Each client company is assigned its own specialist consultant, who takes responsibility for seeing the job through and provides painstaking support at every stage of the implementation process, from start to finish.

Thanks to a reputation, above all, for ease of use, Tricorn has accumulated more than 700 satisfied clients, including government ministries and agencies, financial institutions, listed companies, and has become Japan's largest ASP and SaaS vendor providing e-mail distribution and CRM services.

We will continue to give heartfelt service to our clients through e-mail distribution and CRM services.


"Kreisel" ― a simple CRM tool for the Web

"Kreisel" is a CRM tool for the Web, developed on the basis of research among people directly involved in Web marketing. A database function that allows you to create many different kinds of databases, a form function that gives you freedom in the creation of forms, and a mail function that allows you to distribute e-mail in a variety of different ways, can all be combined as desired. From data merging to data analysis and the coordination of MyPage, decorated e-mail and API data, Kreisel stands as a friend and ally in CRM, making even complex tasks easy.

Capable of handling many kinds of data en bloc, including

E-mail distribution data
Survey data
Seminar data
Business card data
Membership data
Multi-store data

Autobahn"― a simple e-mail distribution service

"Autobahn" is a simple e-mail distribution service that serves as a basis for CRM services.It allows you to create a range of forms and distribute e-mail quickly and easily.Offered in ASP/SaaS form and linked to a database, it allows you not only to distribute e-mail but also to carry out simple analytical tasks.

For instance, it can be used for…

E-mail magazine and IR data distribution
Measuring the impact of HTML mail distribution
Campaign reception and thank you e-mail
Information requests and follow-up
Crime and disaster prevention, suspicious person warning e-mail
Distributing newsflash e-mail to mobile phones

"Kara-Meru" ― a mobile blank mail service

"Kara-Meru" is service that automatically sends a predetermined e-mail message in reply to mobile phones from which blank e-mails have been received. Simply publishing a QR code and blank e-mail address in various media makes it possible to guide users to the mobile site without their having to enter complex URLs. Kara-Meru facilitates site access and is particularly effective in mobile promotions, where immediate results are required.

Kara-Meru can be used to

Guide users to a mobile website
Encourage users to visit stores
Record membership
Measure the impact of cross-media promotions

"Imosss" ― an operation agency service

"Imosss" is an agency service that performs complex and time-consuming operations that become necessary when you distribute e-mail or conduct CRM, on your behalf.Tricorn undertakes all tasks, from outsourcing to design and program development, allowing you to respond flexibly to your customers' wishes.

Leave it to IMOSS agency service!

Mail distribution service
Mail design and text composition service
Form creation service
Secretariat service
Program development service


TRICORN Corporation

Tokyo Headquarters
27F Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower Bldg, 17-1, 8-chome, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023 Japan
Phone : +81-3-6863-5638
Fax  : +81-3-6863-5639

Mail address : sales@tricorn.co.jp
WEBsite URL : http://www.tricorn.co.jp/ (Japanese text only)
CEO : Tadahiro Matsuda
Established : 9/16/1996
The Capital : \90,000,000-

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